I have been seeing Dr. McMaster for about 10 years. Dr. McMaster is very knowledgeable, professional, and very personable. He explains things in a very clear and friendly manner. From my experience, he looks out for the patient and is not looking to do unnecessary procedures. His office is outstanding and really feels like a family practice. From Dr. McMaster himself to his hygenists and assistants and Eileen (who seemingly manages everything else!), everyone is first class. I can't say enough about the high quality of care and customer service I receive at this office.

Tony F.
Norton, MA


I have a been a patient of Dr. McMaster's for over a decade and I cannot say enough great things about him!  This is a top notch dental office - everyone from the receptionist, hygienist to Dr. McMaster are professional, friendly and caring.  I have never had a poor result visiting this office.  Dr. McMaster takes the time to explain what he is doing and always take the time to make sure that the patient is comfortable throughout the procedure.  I have recommended him to many family members and friends and they all feel the same as I do - best dentist in the MetroWest area!  I would highly recommend him.

Janet S.
Marlborough, MA


Like most people, I had a dentist that I have used for years.  However, I had a problem with a tooth that he could not keep a filing in for more that 30 days.  After 3 tries, I decided to change dentists and found Dr. McMaster.  He was able to fix the problem tooth and the repair has been in place for almost two years.  Not only that, I can't even feel the repair in the tooth with my tongue! I am totally impressed and more than satisfied!

Bob V.

Dear Dr. McMaster:

I am writing this letter to you to express my profound thanks for your excellent care and attention over this past year. As you know, I came (with great trepidation) to your office in need of some serious care. It had been years since I had been to a dentist, and I had convinced myself that I was destined to wear false teeth before I was 30. Much of the reason I had not been to a dentist was due to negative past experiences and much fear of even the simplest dental procedure. Since coming under your care, I have been met with huge amounts of friendliness, little or no discomfort, and a caring attitude toward my health.

It is difficult to describe all of the positive effects of my improved dental health. I worry a great deal less about awful terms like "full extractions", and I feel as though I finally have the "upper hand" in terms of caring for my teeth. Plus, thanks to your amazing cosmetic work, I am able to smile with a sense of confidence I have known for almost 15 years.

I trust that you are able to understand the positive impacts you have had on your patient's lives, but I also know that we all need to be reminded of such things from time to time. So, please accept my deepest thanks and respect for the care you have provided me.

I also want you to know that your entire staff has been wonderful, and have made my experience even more positive. In particular, Grace has been wonderful through the many hours she has spent sitting over me, and she deserves a special "thank you".

With regards,
Jason Buck

"My fear of the dentist is now gone! Thank you for being so gentle and kind. You did a great job!

Stacy Stuart

Dear Dr. & Friends,

Can't thank you enough for delivering on your promise to bring back the smile I used to know and love so much!
Feeling great too!
You are the best!


"Outstanding Job!"

Nancy Dyer

Dear Dana,

I brought you my very anxious eleven-year-old daughter for her first experience of a filling. With the tears flowing like the Nile River, the smile trying to peek through, you showed the patience of a saint. Your handling of Allison was so calming and reassuring, I know she felt safe in your chair. After all the tears and the white knuckles and it was all done her comment was "that was cool" to your gentle handling. She was never aware that she had received any lidocaine!

Thank you,
Judy Jo Ohare

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